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James Trezza


James first got into photography while taking a class in high school, during the "dark room" ages, working with black and white photos. This led to him getting various pocket point and shoot cameras throughout the years, followed by a GoPro. But it wasn't until he picked up his first Nikon DSLR 2 years ago that his passion/obsession began to really grow, and he hasn't put his camera down since. His signature shots mostly involve the Fire Island Lighthouse, the moon, and anything during the golden or blue hour. But that doesn't stop him from trying to grow and expand his knowledge. He recently started getting into real estate photography and macro photography, with off camera flash next on his radar. Working as an accountant in the finance department for an international vitamin company, photography is James' release from stress and the grind from the daily life, and he loves sharing his view of the world from his eyes.


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Fire Island Inlet Bridge

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